Author: Jonathan Hess

Aventura Mall Welcomes Givenchy Boutique

Shoppers whose favorite haunts include luxury-brand boutiques have a treat in store beginning in October 2016 when Givenchy joins high-end establishments such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton. Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates, is the owner of Aventura Mall and awaits this occasion with baited breath as Givenchy is anticipated to attract effluent South Florida shoppers, out of the immediate area Floridians as well as up-scale shoppers from around the globe.

Loyola Men’s Lacrosse Brings in A New Face with Experience

In 2006 and 2009, they were ranked first in the country in offense and also had eleven top ten finishes to go along with six top five finishes. The roster for the upcoming season will follow in the footsteps of alumni players including Sean Hecker. This is a hire that is sure to jump start the offense. He knows offense and is considered one of the top coaches. Marc Van Arsdale is grateful for his time at Virginia while also being excited for this new opportunity to tackle a new team. The team is thrilled to have him on board and see what types of coaching ideas he brings to meeting room. It is match made in heaven.