Aventura Mall Welcomes Givenchy Boutique

Shoppers whose favorite haunts include luxury-brand boutiques have a treat in store beginning in October 2016 when Givenchy joins high-end establishments such as Cartier and Louis Vuitton. Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates, is the owner of Aventura Mall and awaits this occasion with baited breath as Givenchy is anticipated to attract effluent South Florida shoppers, out of the immediate area Floridians as well as up-scale shoppers from around the globe.

According to a recent“Style & Beauty” article by Rachel Felder, Givenchy takes window shopping to new heights as its merchandise displays are viewed through large glass windows and further enhanced with an eye-catching black and white background. This décor harks back to Givenchy’s Parisian flagship store window display design. Artistically gifted Riccardo Tisci has overseen female garment and accessory display since 2005. 2008 saw the addition of menswear and associated accessories at Givenchy. Each display is encased in a black-lacquered box akin to those used by Givenchy founder Hubert de Givenchy to personally deliver purchases to customers.

Givenchy’s Fall and Winter 2016 collection of women’s fashions is guaranteed to garner attention with their cultural Egyptian and pop and psychedelic music designs. Its men’s collection draws its designs from heavy-metal Botswana Renegades persuasion.

This uniquely designed box-shape store will occupy 1,969 square feet (183 square meters) of Aventura Mall space. All personnel will be required to follow a dress code that includes a custom-designed, black and white uniform and for women, Tisci-created makeup and nail polish. In keeping with its upscale aura, no traditional price tags appear anywhere. Pricing information is displayed via very small magnetic gold beads situated near each item.

Currently ranked as the USA’s third largest shopping mall, Aventura Mall officially welcomed consumers to its 2,700,000 square foot complex in April 1983. From its inception, its 300 retailers included Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Sears and Lord & Taylor as anchor stores.

In 2014, the approval of a Turnberry Associates proposal to add a 241,000 square foot retail wing and a seven-level parking garage to the complex was slated to make Aventura Mall America’s second largest shopping site.