Ever Wonder What the Home of a Real Estate Power Couple Looks Like?

Have you ever heard of Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins? If you are in the world of real estate, these names may ring a bell, both separately or together. Two of the biggest powerhouses in the real estate industry, they are now married and live together in a home in Miami Beach.

More specifically, they have recently renovated Robin’s home in one of the most desirable places to live in the area, Sunset Islands. Of course, many would wonder what a home of a real estate power couple looks like, especially a renovated one.

Following are some specifics to give you an idea of just how beautiful their home is:

  • This beautiful home is over 9,000 square foot making it a large and spacious home, which is exactly what this couple as a big family.
  • It has a gorgeous library full of books and a designer table.
  • The living room is spectacular with a minimalist style d├ęcor, L-shaped sofa, and a plush carpet.
  • The art in the home combines perfectly with the minimalist style of the home itself. The walls are simple white and although the kitchen has a gorgeous marble island in it, the style is crisp and beautiful.
  • With as many children as they couple has, they make sure that they stay entertained in the family room which has a beautiful wool rug.
  • The master bathroom is incredibly unique and equally as gorgeous. It was designed by Zaha Hadid.

While their home is as beautiful as you would imagine a real estate couple’s home to be, their romance has been an interesting one. Not many people can say that the met the love of their life while trying to slap them with a lawsuit, but it may be what happens when two of Miami’s most popular developers and jet-setters connect.