Loyola Men’s Lacrosse Brings in A New Face with Experience

In regards to coaching, experience matters and it matters a great deal. It is important to have someone on the staff that has been there, done that, and seen a lot during their tenure as a coach. Recently, the Loyola Greyhound’s lacrosse team hired a new offensive coordinator in Marc Van Arsdale from Virginia, where he held the same position. In his career, he has already coached three Tewaaraton winners, so he knows how to bring out the best in his players. He has a certain touch and “it factor” that rubs off on his players as he wants them to go out there and perform to the best of their abilities and leave it all out on the field.

Coaches play a vital role in the success of players. They have to draw up the right schemes, find out what they are good at, and work on what needs improvement. Marc Van Arsdale has been an assistant coach at Virginia and spent the previous ten years as the associate head coach. Whenever he has been given a lot of responsibility, he has not been afraid to step up to the plate and produce results. This is a new challenge for him and it is a fresh face in the meeting room for players.

Both of these are good things. Sometimes a team needs a new face with a different perspective on things that will show them a new way of doing things. For the coach, it is a whole new group of players to coach up, train, and get ready to produce results It is a win-win for everyone. While at Virginia, he had a great deal of success as the team won NCAA Division I championships in 2003, 2006 and 2011. They were consistent winners and they had a consistent offense.

In 2006 and 2009, they were ranked first in the country in offense and also had eleven top ten finishes to go along with six top five finishes. The roster for the upcoming season will follow in the footsteps of alumni players including Sean Hecker. This is a hire that is sure to jump start the offense. He knows offense and is considered one of the top coaches. Marc Van Arsdale is grateful for his time at Virginia while also being excited for this new opportunity to tackle a new team. The team is thrilled to have him on board and see what types of coaching ideas he brings to meeting room. It is match made in heaven.