Luxury Shopping Mall Features Museum-Quality Art

The Breathtaking Art Seen at Florida’s Aventura

It takes a distinct eye and a passion for art to notice the objects that are around in society each and every day. When running a business, it is important for the environment to feel warm and inviting so that people will want to keep coming back, a great way to do this is through the expression of art. Aventura mall in Florida makes this one of the biggest priorities for the visitors to enjoy. Over the many years, Jackie Soffer who happens to be the owner of the mall has tried to make a display of art pieces that will put the mall on the map. The Aventura mall has also been found to be one of the largest malls in the United states, and the mall also has an incredible amount of visitors per year.

Art and its Makers
The Aventura mall has over 28 million visitors a year and is the second largest mall in America. The entire collection of art contains 10 pieces of art that are placed throughout the Miami mall in different places that blend into the environment. Several of the pieces were made especially for the mall, Julian Opie has a very famous piece in the mall that is called Suzanne walking in skirt and top. This artist has spoken to the people through his art by creating bright fun pieces, that make other people’s memories come alive.
Artist, Jaume Plensa created the sculpture called Florida’s Soul. This sculpture sits in the middle of a fountain for everyone to see, and the fountain has now been turned into a coy pond. The sculpture reflects the artists’ view of the world. Each artist was able to put a unique spin on the artwork. Art is what makes this mall unique, and has truly created an experience that people will never forget. The mall would be a great place to visit and explore.