Miu Miu Store Opening Party in Miami

Miu Miu had an opening party for their new store opening in Miami on April 30, 2015. Their new story is located in Miami’s Design District. The shop was designed by the architect Roberto Baciocchi. The Miu Miu store is approximately five thousand, four hundred and thirty-five square feet. The front is glass and steel and the building is built of black marble. The interior is made of gold and mirrors. The store is divided up into different departments. The lower level of the Miu Miu store has a handbag department, accessory department and a shoe department. The second floor is the clothing department. The second floor is accessible by a black marble staircase.

Many people were in attendance at the stylish Miu Miu opening party. All the guests dressed in their best Miu Miu clothing and accessories.

The VIPs at the Miu Miu opening party included the likes of Jackie Soffer and Craig Robbins who were dressed in black and wearing hip glasses. They both flashed smiles for photographs while standing beside each other within the party by the tables with pristine white table cloths. Kristin Ducote, Ines Rivero, Bree Mortimor and Anthony Spinello were the other VIPs in attendance.

Alex Behrens and Pablo de Ritis dressed in black and navy suit jackets and dress shirts while they posed together at the Miu Miu party. Alexandra Chemia wore a black crop top and a print skirt while Casey Fremont Crowe wore an all-white dress as they were all smiles together at the party. Ana Hughes dressed in a red dress and Adriana Castro wore a navy dress when they were in attendance. Anthony Spinello dressed all in black and posed outside at the party in front of some creeping ivy up a wall. Christina Lei Rodriguez, Andi Potamkin, Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce all posed in front of the ivy outside too.

Ines Rivero wore a white flowing top and gold hoop earrings while surrounded by the crowds at the Miu Miu party. Kim Caceres and Elyze Held struck a pose while surrounded by the party goers. Lauren Beall and Kristin Ducote wore neutral cream, white and pink hues while standing beside each other in front of hanging clothing and the party’s cream curtains. Marvin Ross Friedman and Adrienne Bon Haes stood by displayed hand bags at the Miu Miu party. Natalie Joos made an appearance while dressed in a greenery print dress.