New Development Coming to Baltimore

Since the January 2015, there have been reports on the new development that are in the works within the 1 Light Street tower proposal in Baltimore, MD. Apartments and offices have been in the latest proposal for this address. It was originally proposed around January 2015 that an office tower and a 404 FT glass apartment complex would be the makeup of this site on 1 Light Street tower. The Metropolitan Ltd. who is over this project was planning a 33 story building that consisted of 10 floors of offices, 340 apartments, and a 646-space parking garage at the top of the building. However, the latest report in May 2016 stated that several stories that were going to be used as apartments will be eliminated. And no further word, as of yet, has been shared concerning this decision.

Other than that, the report in January 2015 stated the following last updates, so far:

  • There are plans for the garage being hidden behind a stone fa├žade which is about the same height as the Thomas building- the Thomas building is owned by McDonald’s that includes a ground floor restaurant.
  • Cary M. Euwer Jr., CEO of Metropolitan Ltd., stated that further development are determined by the financial district which is supportive of what they are doing at 10 Light.
  • Metropolitan is transforming the historic Bank of America building at 10 Light into an apartment complex.
  • The design panel at the city’s urban design and architecture review meeting held in January 2015 also considered a proposal from Baltimore’s WorkShop Development, Inc.- The proposal included them building a 16 story tower with approximately 240 apartments and 7000 square footage of retail at the site of the former restaurant called Della Notte.
  • The proposal also included a huge parking garage for the residents located at the back of the site with the entryway off Albemarie Street.
  • The project is backed by city leaders and the Downtown Partnership who have made this development a priority.

For decades, the development of the site on 1 Light Street, which is the former location of Southern Hotel until it’s demolition in 2000, has been discussed without anything coming into fruition. Nevertheless, the city officials hailed the joint venture between Metropolitan Ltd., Madison Marquette and the site’s owners signifying that development might occur on this main downtown block.