New Mexican Restaurant Coming to The DC Wharf

Washington, D.C. is known for their local cuisine along with other gourmet dishes that attracts natives and tourists alike to signature home grown dishes. Amazingly, the Wharf has added another restaurant that is meant to expand Phase 1 of the mega project set to open this fall. It will sit beautifully on the water’s edge and will be operated by Knead Hospitality. The restaurant will reside next door to the 6,000+ seat Anthem, known as a popular concert venue. The new Mexican restaurant will sit next door to the venue which will include an outdoor patio and a private dining room.

The Mi Vada will be opened under chef Roberto Santibanez and will be over 9,500+ square feet. Santibanez is a Mexican native and the current owner of Fonda, a restaurant located in New York. His goal is to create a defined menu that is based on his current cuisine from Fonda’s. His menu includes chicken, beef, and pork dishes that will satisfy your palette. Surprisingly, Santibanez’s has a famous cuisine that is very popular among local New York natives. Guests will be able to order signature Mexican dishes that include tacos, maize, enchiladas, pinto bean salsa salad, and more.

The development behind the restaurant is set to be organized by Madison Marquette. Their vision for the Wharf is the second largest real estate development in the nation. Madison chairman, Amer Hammour is glad to welcome the Mi Vada as an addition to the Wharf. The Wharf has other popular restaurants that include La vie and Fabio Trabocchi’s. Enjoy popular oyster, seafood, and Spanish cuisine on the Wharf. The Mi Vada is sure to satisfy your appetite and provide a wonderful atmosphere for your family or a corporate lunch date. Don’t miss out on the grand opening of the Mi Vada this fall.